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A.I. Romance - J.A.R.V.I.S. and T.A.R.D.I.S. by ZabbyTheGoreGirl A.I. Romance - J.A.R.V.I.S. and T.A.R.D.I.S. :iconzabbythegoregirl:ZabbyTheGoreGirl 1 2 Surpise Kiss - Thilbo Bagginshield by ZabbyTheGoreGirl Surpise Kiss - Thilbo Bagginshield :iconzabbythegoregirl:ZabbyTheGoreGirl 14 5 Trying by ZabbyTheGoreGirl Trying :iconzabbythegoregirl:ZabbyTheGoreGirl 0 3 Princess Aralynn by ZabbyTheGoreGirl Princess Aralynn :iconzabbythegoregirl:ZabbyTheGoreGirl 1 0 Elyse Studies by ZabbyTheGoreGirl Elyse Studies :iconzabbythegoregirl:ZabbyTheGoreGirl 2 2 Me!!! by ZabbyTheGoreGirl Me!!! :iconzabbythegoregirl:ZabbyTheGoreGirl 2 2 Voodoo by ZabbyTheGoreGirl Voodoo :iconzabbythegoregirl:ZabbyTheGoreGirl 3 0 Matroshka or 'Matt' by ZabbyTheGoreGirl Matroshka or 'Matt' :iconzabbythegoregirl:ZabbyTheGoreGirl 2 4 Parasite (creepypasta) by ZabbyTheGoreGirl Parasite (creepypasta) :iconzabbythegoregirl:ZabbyTheGoreGirl 5 2
Trekkers: Chapter 2
Trekkers - A TMNT Fanfic
Chapter 2 - My Past
"Yo, Genesis!!" the voice of Miggy called out again. THIS IS THE THIRD TIME!!
I sharply turned my head towards him and glared. He points to the entrance. I looked at it and saw my BEST FRENEMY. Jonas.
He looked around, then sighed. Maybe he's thinking that I'm not here. Of course, he didn't saw me 'cause I'm like behind Paul...okay, I gonna get used to saying that name without my throat getting tight.
"Jonas!" Miggy calls out. "Sit in front of the turtle freak with the pizza!"
Did he just-?! I am so gonna kill him for calling Mikey a turtle freak.
"Why?" Jonas asked.
"Just sit there!"
He shrugged and walked towards the seat. When he saw me, he immediately hesitated. He glared at Miggy, who was snickering. I just rolled my eyes and said "It's okay, Jonas. I won't hurt you."
He looked back at me and sighed before taking the seat in front of Mikey. He's still in his faded green hoodie, just like last year. But
:iconzabbythegoregirl:ZabbyTheGoreGirl 0 3
Trekkers: Chapter 1
Trekkers - A TMNT Fanfic
Chapter 1 - Genesis
I stepped in my classroom. It used to be 7C, but turned into 8C because of the new building for 11th and 12th gaders. It still looks the same, except for the decorations which were replaced by new ones. The Stitch drawing on the bulletin board was replaced by Jake from Adventure Time. The cubbyholes were gone and a bunch of sayings were written there. And on the top of the chalkboard was the saying 'Never Give Up'. But what cheers me up the most is the drawing of Mikey with a pizza on the back of the room; each slice represents a month. It's the birthday section.
Few students are here, but they all looked at me when I walked in. Some are familiar faces, like Jiro, Aron, Gabby, Pat, and Danielle; some are from other sections from the past year, like Jean, Marlon, Beth, Miggy, and my crush, Jeffeson Natalio.
I blushed when I saw him, but I quickly hid it using my hair. I walked to the chair in the
:iconzabbythegoregirl:ZabbyTheGoreGirl 0 3
Lavender by ZabbyTheGoreGirl Lavender :iconzabbythegoregirl:ZabbyTheGoreGirl 4 6 Kigen (A TMNT OC) by ZabbyTheGoreGirl Kigen (A TMNT OC) :iconzabbythegoregirl:ZabbyTheGoreGirl 2 7 Blante (A TMNT OC) by ZabbyTheGoreGirl Blante (A TMNT OC) :iconzabbythegoregirl:ZabbyTheGoreGirl 7 22 Random Doodles #1 by ZabbyTheGoreGirl Random Doodles #1 :iconzabbythegoregirl:ZabbyTheGoreGirl 4 19 Kaydence Design (digital) by ZabbyTheGoreGirl Kaydence Design (digital) :iconzabbythegoregirl:ZabbyTheGoreGirl 4 0


Disney meets Warcraft - Hans by LiberLibelula Disney meets Warcraft - Hans :iconliberlibelula:LiberLibelula 315 33 Disney meets Warcraft - Tremaine and Daughters by LiberLibelula Disney meets Warcraft - Tremaine and Daughters :iconliberlibelula:LiberLibelula 514 53 Disney meets Warcraft - Maleficent by LiberLibelula Disney meets Warcraft - Maleficent :iconliberlibelula:LiberLibelula 741 55 Old Bastien Design AUCTION (SOLD) by Dusty-Demon Old Bastien Design AUCTION (SOLD) :icondusty-demon:Dusty-Demon 260 23 Loathsome Beast by Dusty-Demon Loathsome Beast :icondusty-demon:Dusty-Demon 646 13 Character sheet: Dollie by DemiseMAN Character sheet: Dollie :icondemiseman:DemiseMAN 1,441 138 Why so blue? by bleedman Why so blue? :iconbleedman:bleedman 7,004 226 The Hunt by shizen1102 The Hunt :iconshizen1102:shizen1102 1,233 64 Red, fromTransistor. +NSFW by AdrianWolve Red, fromTransistor. +NSFW :iconadrianwolve:AdrianWolve 212 6 Raven's Home by Eithnne Raven's Home :iconeithnne:Eithnne 149 33 digisketchbook 17 by bleedman digisketchbook 17 :iconbleedman:bleedman 2,811 143 Kimono girl by bleedman Kimono girl :iconbleedman:bleedman 3,206 141 Taint n Corpse by bleedman Taint n Corpse :iconbleedman:bleedman 2,437 80 Sheena in Wonderland part 2 by bleedman Sheena in Wonderland part 2 :iconbleedman:bleedman 2,009 43 Splatoon Inkling by bleedman Splatoon Inkling :iconbleedman:bleedman 2,646 59 Benson by bleedman Benson :iconbleedman:bleedman 1,702 66


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Zabrina Greens
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
Other me's: :iconlegoluver:, :iconlightninggirlofdoom:

Sisters of Fabulousness: :iconaeroxventusxyuni:, :iconsaitratrait:, :iconmissyuniiii:,

Brothers of Awesomeness: *shrugs* No brothers yet.

Twin Sister who loves making fanfictions (just like me but I do them in Wattpad) - :iconshellshockertmnt117:

Heyo, my name is Zabrina Greens! Well, not actually, if you've seen this account before, then you must know what my real name is, but I'll just go with my Wattpad name: Zabrina or Zabby! Why Zabrina you say? Well, I have this weird addiction to the letter 'Z' I don't know why, so I searched for some names starting with Z and I found Zabrina, then I found Zabby. I love them both so my name is Zabrina but my nickname is Zabby! Pretty cool huh?

My dreams? Be an author of a successful book and be a graphic designer at the same time!!! Or maybe a veterinarian as well.

I believe in parallel worlds and I'm planning on making a webcomic about it. (I know I don't usually do webcomics since I never actually start them or finish them, so I'm not sure about this one.

I have a dog named Antuken, yes, it's very Filipino-ish. In Filipino, it means sleepy. Why did I name him that? Because when he's still a puppy, he loves to sleep, a lot! So, I named him Antuken!

I have a cat named Jeyan. My siblings combined their names with their nanny, so it's like Jerry + Iya + Roanne. So, yeah. Oh, and they abuse her. Like, really. I hate them for it. But she usually spends her time with me 'cause she knows I'm not like my siblings. They put her in plastic bags (they almost killed her by suffocation), lock her up in closets, puts make-up on her face, and oh, ALMOST GOT HER KILLED BY THROWING HER AT THE RABID CAT ACROSS THE STREET. Thankfully, that rabid cat likes me (I know, it's weird), and I got Jeyan back.

I love dancing and singing like a crazy person with Fall Out Boy, Black Veil Brides, Get Scared, and other punk rock and indie rock songs blasting on the background. I swear, those two genres are my life.

And, I love dwarves. I swear to God, I'm in love with any dwarf that Tolkien made. Thorin's whole company, Gimli, EVEN DIS. I swear, I'm so obsessed with dwarves. You know, obsession isn't even the start of it, it's much, much worse. I can speark in Khuzdul, write in any type of runes there is and EVEN LOOK LIKE ONE. I just need a proper beard and I'll be a dwarf (plus shorten the height).

Oh, and I hate (_*_)s...if you don't know what that means, then I hate @$$holes...AND STUPID PEOPLE. Like, an Anderson. But then again, Anderson is actually the person I can relate the most when Series 3 of Sherlock came out. So, yeah. I'm kind of okay with Anderson now. I still hate Donovan though, may she die in hell ^_^

FYI, I'm Bi. Bipolar, Bilingual, and Bisexual. So, I'm attracted to Sigrid, Karai, Molly Hooper, Irene Adler, Anthea, Eowyn, and a bunch of other girls. (especially Jennifer Watson [Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson mixed together). But I'm not fully lesbian, I still want my men like my tea: HOT AND BRITISH.

I'm member of:


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PewdiePe is amuayzeng!!

Random GIFs:

HEY!! I know that I'm not even publishing webcomics....BUT!! I saw this website called!! I'll be publishing my webcomics there...since it's especially made for webcomics and all...



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